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Meet Casey Miller

Casey Miller

Plumbing Apprentice 2nd Year, JRA & Associates Contracting, LLC

Goal: Obtain journeyman’s license and advance his career at JRA & Associates

“I started in construction in my teens working alongside my father. I discovered I enjoy working with my hands and that I had a talent for building…it provided a clearly defined and positive career path that will enable me to provide a better life for myself and my family.” Read MORE >

Meet Tyrique Johnson

Tyrique Johnson

HVAC Apprentice, Shapiro & Duncan, Inc.

Goal: Become a HVAC Tech; becoming my own boss one day

Johnson is a graduate from Thomas Edison High School of Technology in Silver Spring, MD. He took HVAC courses at Edison and was able to do hands-on installation with his instructor. “If you like working with your hands, try the construction trades. Take advantage of opportunities offered by employers; it makes a difference in your learning experience.” Read MORE >

Meet Fernando Lara

Fernando Lara

Construction Apprentice, Shapiro & Duncan, Inc.

Goal: Become a HVAC Tech

“Construction is more active and more hands-on than reading a book. I had no idea all the critical components that goes into raising a building…so many companies working together to accomplish the overall project…It is quite astounding. When pursuing a career in construction, know that everything you do is worth it. You can make some serious money, and in turn you’ll have to go through the obstacles they give you to succeed.” Read MORE >

Meet Shawn Tyk

Shawn Tyk Picture

Carpentry Apprentice Graduate, Hensel Phelps

2019 ABC National Craft Championship Participant

Goal: Become a superintendent; teaching others

Tyk started working at Hensel Phelps right out of high school. He was attracted to the carpentry field because it allowed him to work outside, and he enjoyed seeing the final product. His ABC apprenticeship program allowed him to be in a small class. “I got to work with one of the best carpenters I know.”Read MORE >

Meet Edward Rives

Edward Rives

Construction Apprentice, Shapiro & Duncan, Inc.

Goal: Become a HVAC Tech

“My parents could only afford to send one sibling to college. I evaluated my options and concluded that pursing a career in construction will yield positive financial results a lot sooner. Construction has allowed me to remain physically active and learn applicable skills that will help me for the rest of my life.” Read MORE >

Meet Diane Mendez

Diane Mendez

Carpenter, Apprentice graduate, Hensel phelps

Welding certificate

goal: carpenter foreperson

Diana started with hensel phelps as a laborer/buck hoist operator. she went above and beyond her specific job duties to help with toolbox talks. she obtained her welding certificate and preps and installs precast and curtainwall embeds. her self-sufficiency, work ethic and safety focus make her an integral part of hensel phelps.Read MORE >

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